National Chipping Month - Annual National Campaign

What is NCM?

This year's NCM campaign was in March, to encourage dog owners to get their dogs chipped, registered and certified before the Regulations applied to all dogs in Ireland from the end of March.

NCM has been running annually since 2013.

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About NCM

Correct Information?

If you have registered your dog with a recognised database, congratulations! But are you sure they have the correct contact details? Did you move house, or change your phone number? If you cannot access your registration information yourself, please fill in this form. Our staff will then examine the information on EPN databases to compare with the information you supply, and let you know if your details are registered correctly.
Chip Check and Cert Request

Your Area

Chipping events were held all over the country during March, which included free and discounted services. Click the button below to see who was participating in your area.
From previous campaigns...

The BeauVets
NCM September 2014


Tens of thousands of unregistered and incorrectly registered chips in Ireland risk failing to re-unite the animals with their owners should the animals get lost. It only takes a few seconds to check that your chip is registered on at least one recognised database. You can start by asking Fido if your chip is officially registered anywhere. If necessary, Fido will direct you to EuroPetNet for further checks.
Ask Fido first


Pete on TV3

Pete on Ireland:AM, 19 Sept 2013

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Chip it, Check it

Broadcast by RTE, 3 Sept 2013

Watch the footage on RTE Player.